Thursday, January 26, 2006

Sexy Is and Is Not

A friend of mine Catherine gave me,...The Bad Girl's Rage-A-Day 2006 calendar for xmas. If you have ever hear of The Bad Girl series, or read them you know they are very entertaining and some good tips and reminder that sexy,attitude, and confidence is a state of mind not a state of appearance. I was looking thru the calendar tonight and found May 16th- Today's To Do- Channel your inner sexpot!- So I thought I would share with you all and you can channel your inner sexpot too!

Sexy is....
A vibe
Being Smart
Following your path
Acting your age-and loving it
Hip action
Real Confidence
Relying on your instincts
Being comfortable in your own skin
Dropping your emotional guard
Being real
Showing your childhood scars

Sexy is not....
A size
playing dumb
following the pack
Acting out in rage
Acting hip
Real arrogance
Relying on your looks
Showing nothing but skin
Dropping your standards and dropping trou
Being a real slut
Showing your emotional childhood scars



At 5:12 PM, Blogger kate said...

damn and here i thought i'd give being a slut a try. lol.


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