Friday, April 06, 2007

Checking In

I feel the need to embarass myself to my IIF and real friends, so this is how klutzy I can be. This also will fall under the heading TMI. Just so ya know.

So this morning in the shower I was getting all cleaning and smooth, making myself all pretty. In the midst of shaving my nether regions ( TMI warning) and I shave almost all of it , I was shaving a certain part and moved the razor to go in for the next spot and apparently the razor wasn't as far as I had thought away from my ASS, that I accidentally ran the razor sideways across my delicate butt cheek and cut myself..........on my ASS. Its like an inch long slit and lord did it bleed, I thought I had hit a major artery, then I remember I have more fat than blood vessels back there. So of course I have band aid........ on my ass. There are days when I can safely say, I am the only one who is stupid enough to do these things to herself.

On a completely other non-TMI note, I have not so steadily been looking for a new place to buy. I have lived in my condo for 4 years now and want to expand, mainly I need more space for my clothes and shoes. I may have found it, a cute little 2 bedroom 1 bath actual house- with a yard and beautiful gardens. I am looking at it today at 4 pm. Part of me wants to not like it since this means a much larger mortgage but part of me is ready for a new place, an actual house.

I will keep you posted!