Tuesday, June 27, 2006

T minus hours and counting...

In preparation for my rapidly approaching vacation, I have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off. The list of things I need to remember and do, I swear, gets longer as I get closer to my vacation. Random bits of paper are strewn about the house with lists and lists. Tank tops, check, Pick up Dramamine, check, go get waxed (slaps forehead), that is what I forgot. So last night I go to a recommend esthetician close to my work. While this is definitely not one of my favorite activities, I figured that I am going to Hawaii and maybe it would be a good idea seeing as will be living in a bikini for the next ten days. Now I know waxing the nether regions isn’t a walk in the park but a necessary evil. I use to do this on a regular basis before the laser hair removal revolution. But that’s another story. Anywho- I always feel a little weird bearing myself to a complete stranger that is about inflict torture on me. But there I was in my glory prepared to be tortured. Except that ummmm, the pain was almost unbearable. I swear I broke out in a sweat, leaving sweaty little finger prints on the magazine I was jokingly trying to distract myself with. At one point I almost ripped the magazine in two. The esthetician laughs under her breath and the thought crossed my mind, how about I stick that wax stick in an uncomfortable place for you and then you laugh as I RIP IT OUT! I may have been slightly offended by the laughter, it’s not a laughing matter, you are inflicting pain on me evil woman. I calmly place my hands back on my stomach trying to control the urge to ring her neck. Finally she is done, my offended parts are throbbing in pain. And all I can think of is, I can’t be in this much pain, I still have errands to run. Because next on the list was Target……

Don’t you hate the last minute things…. I had to go get Dramamine. I am taking no risks. So trying not to limp and look suspicious, I hobble to the pharmacy looking for something that my boss had told me about. Bonine, it acted like Dramamine without the drowsiness. Of course as luck would have it, it wasn’t at Target, but Dramamine Less Drowsy was there. So I picked it up and wondered, exactly what are we dealing with on this less drowsy formula. Will my eyes turn glassy and drool dribble out of the side of my mouth instead of me falling completely asleep thus rendering me to zombie lobster status? I mean really, I think I should know become I pop one of these babies and attempt to snorkel for the first time. Think I can con two turtles to keep me afloat while I nap off the effect of the Dramamine. I know they say don’t touch the turtles but if they want to be helpful, I say let them. As long as I don’t drown. I can pick the horrified look on Tiff’s face as she is reading this.

And last but not least, can my IIF’s help me out, do you guys get anxious before a vacation? Last night I almost didn’t sleep, to many thoughts running thru my head. Did I forget anything, was I going to forget to pack and extra set of contacts, will I be able to find the hotel, will I forget and speed thus getting a speeding ticket in Hawaii? I realize that most of the stuff is nothing I can answer at the moment, I won’t know until I get there. Worrying isn’t going to make it better, I know. But by tonight I am sure I will be in a full blown panic. A drink might be in order.

Monday, June 19, 2006

My Saturday Afternoon

Here are a few pictures from a friend's Bridal Shower. It was roasting hot!!! In California we even make hell look trendy, notice the taunting pool, and cleverly disguised palm trees. Apparently it topped out at 102 degrees, the hottest it has been in a LONG time. We needed the heat to make the island theme more believable.

Me and Michele in the backyard aka Hell

Thank God I wasn't alone in Hell

The best way to rehydrate is with Champagne

Friday, June 16, 2006

I have just spent the last 30 minutes scouring my own blog for an entry I thought I had made. It is a topic that I swore I already wrote about but apparently not. So here you go:

The Year Of Yes

My boss suggested a book for me called The Year of Yes, and of course I loved it. The base of the story is actually semi-non-fiction, the author as an early twenties girl found herself dating the same type of guy. So thus came The Year of Yes, her quest that spanned a year of saying yes to anyone (man or woman) that asked her out. The book was very entertaining and fun to read.

Inspired by the book, I decided to start my own Year of Yes, I was going to be open and think outside of the dating box. Minus the yes to women part, sorry girls, I prefer men. Call it a weakness. I thought it would be fun to open my eyes to other options and get rid of preconceived notions and old tendencies. There was only one tiny little flaw to my brilliant plan.....it actually requires someone asking you out, for you to be able to respond with a yes.

Its Like a Drug

I am addicted and there is no cure. Not so long ago my very good and talented friend Christine had made jewelry for us for the holidays. I was so intrigued by this that I wanted to try it for myself. And thus a monster was created. I love it and have so much fun creating earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. However it can be really expensive for the supplies and it is also very easy to get carried away. I am always searching the internet for a cheaper alternative to the bead stores in my area , my search led me to Ebay. It is bead and jewelry making HEAVEN!!!! (Can I get anymore lame, sign me up for that rocking chair and 9 more cats). Here are a few pictures of what I have made so far:

I spend my days cruising Ebay and looking for deals on beads. In the next few days, I will be receiving my “winnings”. I can’t wait.

Friday Feast

I am stealing this from Retro Girl. This is to hold you over until I have a chance to sit down and compose a real post.

About how much money did you spend on gas this week?
Thru my weeping tears on how flipping expensive gas is, I spent $57.00, last night. And sadly that is the cheapest amount I have spent on gas in the last few months.

What is your favortite brand of toilet paper?
What ever is the least expensive??? I don't even know what brand I am using currently. My bathroom is reserved for my hair and make-up really.

When was the last time you discovered something that you thought was pure genius?

I haven't come across anything lately, but I do have a few suggestions :) I am thinking Magic Wand- one wave and the dishes instantly do themselves. Yes I have a dishwasher and yes I am that lazy. Or a Crystal Ball, I could consult it on whether I should even both getting out of bed in the morning. If the day is full of disappointment - then I pull the covers back over my head. And last but not least (and this is Michele's brilliant idea) Injectable SPF. So you don't worry about those hard to reach places, one injection will last the whole day and no reapplication!

Main Course
What is the least amount of sleep you can get by on per night?
I have gotten by on 3 or 4 hours but barely. I can't function and am completely moody. I prefer 8 solid hours, which is pretty much impossible, if I want to have a life.

June is a popular month for weddings. Do you know anyone who is getting married this month?
I do, teehee. And it is the cause of my very awesome vacation to Maui!!! If you expanded this question to " Am I going to a wedding this year", I would start laughing and tell you, yes,yes I am. It is Wedding Year in my world. 3 Weddings I am attending and 2 that I am not. :)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

I can't wait

I just reserves tickets the following things to do in Oahu:


Hidden Waterfall Hike

Snorkeling in Hanauma Bay

Land/Sea Duck Tour of The Arizona and Honolulu

I am so excited, making these reservations makes it all the more real and less like I dream.

I promise I have a few posts brewing- an attempt to recesitate my lagging blog. Keep checking back, I should have something new up soon.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Letter to My Cat

Dear Max,

Seeing as I risk my healthy by having you in my life, I thought we could take the chance to discuss a few changes that need to be made around the house. First off, in the morning you standing outside of an open bathroom door meowing incessantly at me is not conducive to your life expectancy. While I am sure that you think you are talking to me, what I hear grates on my nerves, which are very fragile before my first cup of coffee. Secondly, as I walk thru the house preparing for my day it is not necessary for you to wind yourself between my legs, in some cultures this is considered an act of death upon my life. If I go honey, there is will be no one to feed you. Keep that in mind. While I do appreciate the tender moments you so rarely share with me, at least acknowledge that I am available for you on plenty of occasions, do not act as if I have left you to die, when I have only been gone for 20 minutes. Its rude and melodramatic, I don’t care for it at all. I also realize that your actions for affection is to needling my poor unprotected flesh, but when I break out in hives, maybe you should take note of the frantic scratching and choose to step away and look innocent. Big watery kitten eyes will make me forget quickly of the rash that has formed on my arm.

I know I have robbed you of your ability to bring me presents by making you an indoor cat ( its for your own good, you wussy cat), please do not think that vomiting in or on my shoes makes up for the mangled bird or squirrel you might have brought me. Until you start making a living and helping with the mortgage and replacing my poor innocent shoes, please refrain from vomiting completely. I do not like the slight nor sound. And if you absolutely must upon pain of death, please do not choose to vomit at times like right before I am late for work or during the middle of the night, causing me to lurch out of bed. Speaking of waking me up, just because I have rolled over or changed breathing patterns, which does not signify that I am conscious. Putting your kitty face with in whisker distance to mine is uncalled for. Also if you want to survive to the next year, I suggest you don’t sleep in my room at all. Being startled awake by your whiskers brushing my face is not as loving and tender as it seems. It makes me think something is crawling on me causing me to flail and you to be flung across the room. That also goes for staring at me, please do not for one minute think that I am charmed by you when I am waking up and you are inches from my face staring at me for no apparent reason. Its creepy and I find it highly disturbing. It could induce flailing again and in turn affect your existence.

But don’t for one minute think I don’t love you Pookie (yes I like to torture you will horrible nicknames and I thank god you can’t actually talk to me).



Monday, June 05, 2006

Where Does My Hair Dryer Plug In?!?!

In five days I will be "roughing" it on Lake Shasta. My idea of roughing it is a Motel ^, so can imagine what a joy I will be camping. The funny thing is, I grew up camping. My family and I when camping every summer from the time I was a baby to I was old enough to freak out that there wasn't a place for me to plug in my hair dryer (that was about 10 years ago). After I was old enough to understand the joys of heels and hair dryers, my love of camping was quickly replaced. I now on average go camping once a year. The idea of sleeping on the ground, in a tiny tent, with no shower or sometimes no toilet (oh, the horror)doesn't exactly set me all a twitter. At one time I looked forward to two weeks away from home at different locations. We spent most of the time between Oregon and Mexico. In Oregon I spent my childhood crabbing with my dad and running along fog engulfed coastlines. I couldn't wait, the fresh air, new places, were always exciting. In Mexico we would camp right on the beach outside of a small town. We would spend hours swimming in the amazing clear water, watching crabs scuttle across the sand and fish dart away as we swam near. When we weren't in the water we would wander thru the small towns, eating at tiny restuarants, had the most amazing food ever. Browse thru aisles in the outside market, shopping for jewelery and glassware. It was a running joke in the family, that if we got dangerously low on water glasses, we would have to return to Mexico to get more. During high school, I took Spanish and couldn't wait for the summers so I could practice my new found language. I would spend almost two weeks speaking spanish and learning more quickly than I ever would in school. But somewhere as I grew up, I started to dislike the hard work of camping. I wanted to sleep in hotel bed with a clean bathroom and a shower. So this weekend I am going to confront my dislike of camping and try (again) to like. However we will be without a bathroom since we are staying on an island. This makes me shake in my heels, I will probably get myself worked up about it and then there is no shower, only the water in the lake, wooohoo lake water, now that clean! But the upside to this trip is that I will be with my friends,the highlight to any trip.

Friday, June 02, 2006


I stole this from Sandra

Five Items in My Fridge:
Fat Free Sour Cream- I love it. Can't help it.
Jalepenos- Mmmmmmm, I think I want Mexican food for lunch.
Barbeque Sauce

Yes I have a lot of condiments in my fridge. They are the reason I eat.

Five Items in My Closet:
My Overflowing Laundry Hamper- I really hate doing laundry so much so that I wait for at least a month before doing it. I know you are torn between shock that I wait so long or that I have that many clothes.
Shoes- Countless pairs of cute heels in all colors and styles.
Lingerie Drawers :)
My cat- I kid you not, I have these shelves and he has made himself a little cubby hole where he sleeps.
Purses- Shocking I cleaned out my purse collection and am down to one bin.

Five Items in My Car:
A jump rope- that I used for about a week.
A case of water- for the gym
2 lbs of pinata candy that Diddams rudely told me I couldn't return, depsite the fact that it is unopened and their return policy says no returns on opened candy.
Dry Cleaning- that needs to go to the dry cleaners

Five Items in My Purse:

I think the list of what is not in my purse is shorter.
A million shades of Stila Lip gloss
My cell phone
Hot sauce- in case I need it on the go
A pair of earrings
Tylenol for those tension heads

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