Sunday, October 29, 2006

October 29,2006

Two things happened tonight.

1. I was told that if I lost my shoe, someone would follow me like Cinderella, until he found me to return it. A nice fairy tale even when you are almost 28 years old.

2. I would give up my own happiness for the most dearest to me. My heart breaks to see them struggle internally. All I want, all I would give is to see them happy. Its what I want most in this world. Tears fall knowing this is something I can not give.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Just For Kate

Kate this is just for you :D!

Your Boobies' Names Are...

Thunder and Lightning

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Don't rely on me in an emergency...

Ok after talking about my puncture wound it jogged my memory about other wounds I have caused myself, usually while BFTiff is around to calm me down. Or in one particular case, a wound that Tiff inflicted on herself and I almost passed out. See I am not big on blood in general, even in movies. One night a long time ago, BFTiff was cutting something for dinner, I have a feeling it was hotdogs to go in our macaroni (it was the college days, zip it) and her hand got in the way. After gasping (Tiff not me) I stupidly asked to see the wound. Let’s take a break and remind you that I am not good with blood, and at this time, I was secure in my hate blood and all things gory stage. Back to the story, Tiff turns around to show me the cut and I take one look and someone has decided to spin the room. I immediately head for the nearest thing to sit on, stairs in this case, and put my head between my knees. Being the kind caring BF I love, Tiff comes over and starts rubbing my back and doing fun breathing exercises with me, like I was in labor. Let me repeat that, Tiff was taking care of me, the non-injured one. To this day Tiff still likes to tell this story in conjunction with me hurting myself.

I shouldn't be left alone...

I have managed to get thru my cooking life without having to bake potatoes apparently. I had to call BFTiff last night and have her walk me thru it. And I can’t imagine how I had the idea that they needed to be put in a Ziploc bag with water and micro waved. So BFTiff lectured me on the evils of plastic poisoning, but what she should have warned me about is the evils of anything sharp in my hands. While puncturing my potatoes, I missed and punctured my hand instead. I have now bled for my dinner. So of course I love being laughed at, I called BFTiff to chastise her for not warning me about the dangers of forks. All I get …………….laughter as I expected. And of course nursed my punctured hand with a glass of wine. Its hard to be me sometimes.


Hi guys- I know I haven't blogged in a little while, but suffering from bloggers block. However I do read your's everyday and this morning I came across this entry in Grrrl Genius over on IVillage Read Here.

I am beyond furious about this. The fashion designers are smug bastard assholes!! To use that poor woman (whether she knew about the plot or not) is cruel. So basically all the regular sized girls just got the big EFF YOU from the fashion industry.

Monday, October 02, 2006

If I want to do that many dishes I can go home...

This weekend I accomplished something. I went out of my comfort zone and volunteered to assist in a cooking class for Sur la Table. I did this with no friends with me, I knew no one. I am very proud of myself that I attempted something new. Sur La Table offers classes in a variety of different types of cooking: baking, ethnic food, knife skills, the list goes on. I assisted in the Everyday Meals: 60 Minute Meals. I had been speaking with Lynn the coordinator for a few weeks, signing up for classes I was interested in assisting and that my schedule would allow. Lynn seemed really nice and I was looking forward to helping out. However I was so not prepared for what I had gotten myself into. The Saturday class was practically an all day class, I was there from 8:45am to 2:30pm. First off since you arrive at the class before the store opens they instructed to go to the back door to get in. Ummm, a little tip, if you are going to give instructions like that, make sure that the back door is actually open and I am not forced to stand outside for 15 minutes knocking on a glass door until my knuckles are red, while the people who work there, walk by completely unaware of my standing on the other side of a GLASS door.

After gaining entry to the store, I walked in to the class and five faces stared at me. Now here is where things in my humble opinion go down hill. As the coordinator, Lynn should have immediately come forward, hard outstretched, welcoming me to the class. Instead I meekly said, “ Lynn?”, and then she comes forward. I have never volunteered before, therefore have no idea who anyone is or what they look like. Instead of introductions I was whisked off to receive the worst orientation of my life. To make a long story short, I felt (and I wasn’t the only one) that I was completely unappreciated. I was giving up my time to help out and all I felt were groans of frustration, because god forbid I didn’t know where things went or how the procedure was suppose to go.

The one highlight to the experience was the food (like you are shocked). The students made Grilled steak with green peppercorn butter, Polenta with Roasted Red Bell Pepper Sauce, Tequila Chicken salad, Gorgonzola Mashed Potatoes, and Grilled Fruit with Crème Fraiche. I will post some of the recipes, let me know which ones sound good. But I did accomplish going out of my comfort zone, so it wasn’t a complete loss, even though I was thrilled with the experience.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.