Thursday, December 22, 2005

Another MeMe Then and Now


How old were you?: 22

What grade were you in? I think I was attempting to go to San Jose State

Where did you go to school? San Jose State

Where did you work?: Same Place as now, yes its been a long time.

where did you live?: I shared a condo with a roomate

Where did you hang out?: In Palo Alto...... lord those were the days

How was your hair style?: long and wavy

Did you wear braces?: nope

Did you wear glasses?: on occasion

sport: drinking

Who was your best friend?: Tiff and I were going thru a rough patch and I had no one

Who was your boyfriend/girlfriend?: One that was the worst decision of my life

Who was your celebrity crush?: no idea

did you have more guy friends or girl? neither, said boyfriend made sure of that

Who was your regular-person crush?: my boyfriend's room mate

How many piercings did you have?: just ears

How many tattoos did you have?: one

what kind of music were you into: country

What was your favorite band?: can't remember, habit of getting old :)

What was your biggest fear?: my boyfriend

favorite color: bloack

Had you smoked a cigarette yet?: oh yes
Had you gotten drunk or high yet? yes I had
Had you driven yet?: yes of course

Did you have a car? My very burly truck.

How old are you?: 27

What school year are you in?: None
Where do you go to school?: School of Hard Knocks ( please let your internal soundtrack go to Annie)

Where do u live?: in a condo I bought 2.5 years ago with my cat

Where do you hang out?: at Tiff's house, my place.

How is your hair style?: almost shoulder length

Do you wear glasses?: I wear contacts.

Who is your best friend: Tiffy!

Favorite Sport?: knit, look out olympics!!!

Who is your boyfriend/girlfriend?: I do not have one, haven't met my match yet.

do you have more guy friends or girl? girl friends
Who is your celebrity crush?: Tyler Florence, he's hot and he can cook.

Who is your regular-person crush?: I a person I can't have ( my own rule)
How many tattoos do you have?: 2

How many piercings do you have?: just the ears still, though there was a time I had my belly button pierced.

what kind of music are you into: I listen to a lot of different music, depends on the mood

What is your favorite band?: I am to embarrassed to admit.
What is your biggest fear?: Being alone, nevering having been in love.

Have you driven yet?: What kind of question is this, I mean really?

Do you have a car now? 2 now
favorite color: green and red, and no not in a xmas sense

Have you smoked a cigarette yet?: yes and quit
Have you gotten drunk or high yet?: lol I recently spent the night on the bathroom floor, does that answer the question

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Kate Inspired

my name is: Liz

childhood ambition: To be a teacher, a marine Biologist

fondest memory: Camping holidays with my parents in Oregon and Mexico

soundtrack: Lately its ben ABBA, since I went to take my Mom to see Mamma Mia

retreat: curled up on the couch knitting ( Yes I am just missing nine other cats and a rocking chair)

wildest dream: to quit my current job, go back to school and become a make up artist and own my own make up line

proudest moment: buying my condo

biggest challenge: Dealing with my parents

alarm clock: annoying beep-y sound ( thank god for the snooze button)

perfect day: 1)a evening with my friends involving food and wine 2) time with my nephews

first job: receptionist at a chiropractic office

indulgence: make up, shoes, purses, yarn ( I can't believe I just said the last one)

last purchase: drinks last night with an old friend from Texas, that I haven't seen in 2.5 years

favorite movie: Sliding Doors

inspiration: friends

my life: little rough at the moment but over all pretty great.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I Am Spoiled

Sorry I haven't been posting lately. My days and nights have been filled trying to pull off parties and such. On Saturday Tiff and I threw a party for our friends, it was the 4th Annual party and one of my favorite traditions. It was great to see everyone and I may have had a tad to much to drink, but if you can't get trashed in front of your friends, who can you get trashed with. LOL. Then last night is by far my favorite holiday tradition that the girls and I have. It was xmas with my 4 closest friends. This year we decided to do homemade gifts. And I have to say, it was the best idea ever ( thanks Tiffy). The amount of thought and work that went in to the gifts was awesome and I was truly moved by the thoughtfulness of my friends. Tiffy made us all Mulled Wine, which I can not wait to drink. When it comes to food and drinks, Tiffy is truly gourmet. Christine made us beautiful earrings, each set was taliered to our different personalities. Mine are these gorgeous gold hoops with deep blue glass beads dangling off of them. I also got my favorite make-up line Stila as a gift, woohooo. And Angie got me the coolest wine decanter with a chamber to put ice, to chill the wine. And last but not least my gift to the girls were photo albums, I ( with the help of Tiffy) compiled photos from the last 3 or 4 years. So any photo to due with our group was in the photo album. I even ran out on my lunch break yesterday to print pictured from the party Saturday ( I will post a few later). I think everyone liked them. I had a blast making them and knowing that the girls would love them made it all the better. I feel truly spoiled by my friends, you couldn't ask for a better group of girls to be there and share the happiness and hold you up and support you thru the hard times. Happy Xmas my Fab 5, you are all truly FABULOUS!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

New Years Resolutions

So I know its not quite that time yet, but I have been thinking about actually trying to set some realistic goals for the New Year to help me develop good habits. Also by telling my IIF's and RF's maybe I will feel more accountable. So here they are:

1. Write Thank you note, Birthday cards, and maybe even attempt xmas cards.

2. Go to mail box every day, instead of going to post office to pick up bundled mail. ( to explain: I live in a condo and they have the smallest mail boxes, so after two or three days of not picking up my mail, the post man takes it back to the post office and I have to go get it)

3. So my laundry on a weekly basis. ( ok ok wishful thinking, but I am going to try)

4. Bring lunch to work from home.

5. Try and keep the mess in my condo down to a tolerable level.

6. Not let the little things get to me and not take things to personally.

Last but not least...

7. Continue going to the gym and eat properly.

I'll keep you guys posted.

Responses To THE QUESTION!

So Tiff suggested a great idea, google the question, " Why Aren't You Married Yet?". And I thought it would be funny to show you the repsonses I found, here they are:

You haven't asked yet. - Typically people who are already married ask me this, so I probably won't ever use this one.

I was hoping to do something meaningful with my life.

Because I just love hearing this question.- I can totally see me using this response more than one.

Just lucky, I guess.- And this one. :)

It gives my mother something to live for.- Oh yeah, this one too.

My fiancée is awaiting his/her parole.

I'm still hoping for a shot at Miss/Mr. America.

Do you know how hard it is to get two tickets to Miss Saigon?

I'm waiting until I get to be your age.

It didn't seem worth a blood test.

I already have enough laundry to do, thank you.

Because I think it would take all the spontaneity out of dating.

My co-op board doesn't allow spouses.

I'd have to forfeit my billion dollar trust fund.

They just opened a great singles bar on my block.

I wouldn't want my parents to drop dead from sheer happiness.

I guess it just goes to prove that you can't trust those voodoo doll rituals.

What? And lose all the money I've invested in running personal ads?

I don't want to have to support another person on my paycheck.

Why aren't you thin?

I'm married to my career, although recently we have been considering a trial separation.

All of these are funny and great response, now I just need to commit them to memory.

The Little Things

Reading Kate’s blog the other day, she mentioned how much she love the little things, the thoughtful things you do for friends and friends do for you. It really got me thinking about that concept. I love seeing something in a store, in an e-mail, or anywhere that I know will make my friends smile. I get a kick out of making them smile. Makes me feel all warm inside. Like finding pictures of Pugs for Michele, dressed up for Christmas. Or knowing that my Xmas gift for the Sisters will makes them happy (teehee, I am not giving it away). But also my group of friends are wonderful at reciprocating this concept as well. Like Christine spoiling me by taking me to the movies and getting the snacks as well, and Michael (her man) taking us both to dinner. There was a minor argument over this, but he is bigger than me. Or Tiffy, who constantly finds little things for me that I love and I do the same for her (i.e. my favorite to date is buying her Pink Uggs (ok, not really UGG, Uggs, but the look alikes). Its fun because Tiffy does a little happy dance, you can tell when she is absolutely delighted with something. And every year Tiffy takes charge when it comes to my birthday and makes everyone of them so special. So this is a little thank you to the Sisters for their thoughtfulness. I love you all.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Question Part 2

I went to lunch today with the boss, her parents, and her in-laws. It was a support thing with the boss, she couldn't possibly handle both sets by herself. While we were waiting for our table we ran into a colleauge ( the parents and in-laws weren't there yet) and she was wearing a loose flowing shirt, so of course the boss and I had to have the discussion after she left. During this debate all the parents walk in and over hear us and our topic of conversation. And what does Mr. In-Law say, oh Little Liz are you pregnant???? Did we not just have this conversation two days ago??? Are you kidding me! Then Mrs. In-Law looks at me and says,"Well, don't you want to be pregnant?" ( in all seriousness I might add), my boss put her arm around me and looks at her and says, " Yes, my single, unwed, non-dating having assistant would love to be pregnant." ( said with heavy sarcasm). I'm laughing at this point at the pure idiotic nature of this conversation. Why oh Why twice in one week, am I even involved in this conversation. Do I look like I am expecting?

Holiday MeMe

1. Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate?
I love either especially with booze.

2. Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under
the tree?
Wrap them with gorgeous colorful bows, that I have no ability to tie.

3. Colored lights on tree/house or white?
White-I think it looks better. Though I grew up with colored lights. There was more than one argument in my house since I thought that white lights were prettier, but mom won with the colored lights.

4. Do you hang mistletoe?
Of Course, why would I ruin Ry's chance to torture me under the mistletoe.

5. When do you put your decorations up?
Its a work in progress, I can't put them up in Nov. I think its against the xmas code. But for me it takes a few days to get everything up.

6. What is your favorite holiday dish (excluding
Crab and appetizers on Xmas eve.

7. Favorite Holiday memory as a child?
For as long as I lived with my parents, we had a tradition. My mom would be the first one up and would wake up my dad and I. The tea kettle was put on and we would open our stockings while the water boiled. After tea/coffee was made the presents would be passed out by yours truly. We would all open our presents at the same time, with piles of wrapping paper covering the floor. The dogs and cats would leap thru the wrapping paper and I would attempt to stick bows on the cats. Then my parents would all curl up on coach and survey and play with our presents.

8. When and how did you learn the truth about Santa?
When I was old enough to recognize my dad's handwriting. I even remember the present, it was a fishing pole. I think it was about 7 years old.

9. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve?
We didn't when I was younger, but now my mom gets so excited that she can barely contain herself and we allow only one to be opened.

10. What kind of cookies does Santa get set out for
him? We have always had dogs, which translates to no cookies. Sneaky dogs!

11. Snow, Love it or Dread it?
Dread it. I was in a horrific accident at the age of 14. I have never been able to appreciate snow again. That and I hate being cold.

12. Can you ice skate?
I can, but not well.

13. Do you remember your favorite gift?
Oh, this is a hard one. All the gifts I receive are my favorite because the people that have given them to me have put in a lot of thought to the gifts.

14. What's the most important thing about the
Holidays for you?
Being with my friends and family.

15. What is your favorite Holiday Dessert?
I like Yule Logs, becuase they look cool.

16. What is your favorite holiday tradition?
I don't have alot of traditions now, but it has to be Tiff and my annual holiday party. Its great to see everyone!

17. What tops your tree?
A silver star.

18. Which do you prefer Giving or Receiving?
Giving, its so much fun to see the look on a persons face when they open a gift that you have put a lot of thought in to.

19. What is your favorite Christmas Carol?
Silent Night. And pretty much any holiday carol sung by the Rat Pack.

20. Candy Canes! Yuck or Yum?
Yuck, sorry!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Playing Dress Up

I thought I would share the pics from the black tie event I went to on Saturday. Its not everyday I get to play dress up.

Rachel and Me

The group of girls

Me, Rachel and a REALLY big xmas tree

The Question

So over the weekend I was having dinner at my boss’ house with her husband and my adorable nephews. Her in-laws were due in that night so we were able to squeeze in a movie before they arrived. But this isn’t about the movie that we saw, it’s about my least favorite question in the world. So every time the boss’ in-laws come in to town I always see them. It’s the way my relationship is with my boss, she is like my big sister and her family and the in-laws have accepted me as a part of that family. It’s a very nice feeling. So the in-laws arrive as Liz and I are chatting in the family room. They are not in for more than 5 minutes when Mr. In-Law sees me sitting on the couch and ask, “So are you married, pregnant, have a boyfriend, what’s going on with you, why don’t you have that yet?” Now any single girl dreads this question, it’s like pointing a major flaw in your life and picking at it until it bleeds. I have to explain now with as much vagueness as I can that I am not having the best of luck with the male species right now. Mr. In-law can’t of course grasp this and my boss has to step in to support me with my proclamation of bad luck. Open oozing sore at this point. I wish I could have crawled in to the crack of the couch. Thankfully Mr. In-Law was tired from his 6 hour flight, to not proceed in the line of questioning. As I find out Monday morning, after I left Mr. In-Law wanted to know why I was having bad luck and could my boss offer any insight in to my dating hell. First off, I can’t believe the conversation went on after I left. And secondly, when did it become socially acceptable to interrogate a girl about her love life. Like I am not painfully aware of it already. So, there you have it, the dreaded question that haunts single girls reared its ugly head in my direction, of course it reared its head the day after I ran in to the guy that broke my heart. What does not kill you makes you stronger, right?

Friday, December 09, 2005

The Gods Have A Crappy Sense of Humor

So I went to dinner last night with a friend to my all time favorite greek resturant (the owners are beginning to recognize me)and low and behold the man who broke my heart and that I have had a hard time getting over is there with a friend of his eating dinner. First off, he does not get to invade my turf, thats my resturant darn it!!! And secondly, why oh why did I have to be in the grubbiest clothes ever. Something that under normal circumstances I would never wear out. I was wearing ratty jeans with holes in them and that are to big, a plain ole sweater and tennis shoes. I was mortified, why couldn't I be in something sexy (and warm), every hair in place and make up all perfectly done. But no, I had to resemble, I can't even come up with a comparison, that how bad it was. Seriously the Gods have a crappy sense of humor.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Christmas Is Here!!...In Case You Missed it

So its official the Xmas season is smothering us. Its all around and in all forms. I went to lunch today with my boss and there was a life size Snowman in the entry hall. Not so scary right? Well apparently there was a sensor in Mr. Snowman that when you walked across its path , it would start talking and signing and dancing. It was equipped with a moving jaw too. Well not expecting Mr. Snowman to move at all, you know the whole frozen snow thing. As I walked across its path Mr. Snowman starts on his jolly musical journey and managed to scary the living *bleep* out of me. And left me scowling at him for the remainder of the meal. Though of course went the postal worker walked in with the mail and Mr. Snowman started his shpeel again. But this time when Frosty scared the beejesus out of the post man it was hysterical. I had to ask the manager at the resturant how much fun they were having watching Mr. Snowman scare the customers. Apparently it has been the highlight of their week, bringing the spooky to Xmas.


You are Lili St. Cyr!
You're Lili St. Cyr!

What Classic Pin-Up Are You?
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Monday, December 05, 2005

Weekend Recap

As you might have seen from BestFriend Tiff's post, it was my birthday on Saturday. It was the big 27- eeeekkkkk!!!! So here is the recap from my birthday weekend.

1 Meeting at the Oasis to look at the reminents of pizza eaten by Tiff, TheBoy, and the long lost college friends.

5 Alcoholic Diet Cherry Cokes which is what created Drunken Liz

1 Inconherent text message that sent BestFriend Tiff and Angie in to hysterics. Fingers and brain at that point were not connected.

1 Drunk Dial to Christine trying to convey that I needed to be picked up in the morning for the Birthday Brunch. Apparently my message did convey that between the giggling. More giggling that actually talking though.

1,000,000 giggles and general silliness by drunk Liz

1 Very drunk Liz trying to make the room stop spinning with eyes open and closed.

1 Very unhappy hung over Liz the morning of my birthday ( what can say, not the sharpest tool in the shed)

1 nursed cup of tea and toast to make the queasy stomach stop.

1 vicious headache that clung on for the entire weekend

1 Fabulous Brunch made by Gourmet Tiff and shared with by Tiff and Christine.

1 much need Mani/Pedi ( was upset though when the pedicurist took away the warm water for my frozen toesies)

1 Present opening hour with the mom. Lovely red martini glases, I know I will get ALOT of use out of them.Thanks mom for contributing to your daughters drinking :)

1.5 hours to rest before needed shower before dinner

2.5 hours spent eating a fabulous meal, opening presents and spending time with very dear friends.

3 glasses of yummy wine

3 Un needed vile shots, with lots of egging on by the group. All I have to say is I have a long memory.

1 Very sleepy birthday girl around 12:30am.

1 Very sleepy girl the day after my birthday

1 Afternoon with Mom at the theater watching Mamma Mia

1 Quiet evening knitting counting down the minutes to bed time.

Thank you all for making my birthday truly wonderful. A special thanks to BestFriend Tiff for all the effort and thought that went in to my brunch, birthday and gift. LOVE YOU!!!!!

Friday, December 02, 2005

The AWWWWW Factor

So last night, I went over to my bosses house to visit with her little boys who are 16 months old. I call them my nephews, since I am an only child and until the TheSisters start having children, I only have the little monkeys (as I call them). Back to the story at hand. They are at the age (see above) that they don't want to be cuddled, they are independent little boys, you know the story. But last night the two of them did the cutest thing ever. I was sitting indian style on the living room floor enjoying a catalog (I love the holiday season for the catalogs alone), and Will (the chicken on the left) came over with a book in his hand and crawled in to my lap so that I could read it to him. Reading for them consists of partial sentences I manange to squeeze out while they flip the pages back and forth. Jack (the chicken on the right) waddles over not more than 1 minute late and turns around, backs up and plops himself down in my lap. I now can barely read because I am overcome by the sheer cuteness of this situation. It put the biggest smile on my face. So here I have the two of them sitting on my lap, flipping pages back and forth and giggling. Seriously, the cutest thing ever. I had to call BestFriend Tiff after I left. :)

Lime is a Power Color? Who knew.

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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Raindrops Keep Falling On my Head

Ok, can I tell you how excited I am??? Its Raining!!!!! Unlike most of the population, I live for rainy days. I love the smell of a clean world and the sound of the rain pounding on the roof and windows. Now if it will hold out until my birthday on Saturday, it will be perfect for me. Cuz you know, its all about me.


Retail Sales
Sandwich maker
Sales Associate

Finding Nemo
Sliding Doors
The Blade Trilogy

Palo Alto, CA
Mountain View, CA
Sunnyvale, CA
Sorry folks, I've only lived in three.

Grey's Anatomy
Prison Break

Victoria, British Columbia

Sincerely Kate

Gyro House
Los Altos Grill
Fiesta Del Mar Too

Naughty School Teacher
Indignant Pixie
Naughty Lawyer
Naughty Librarian

Santa Rita
Los ALtos High School
Foothill College

All greek food- minus those dishes requiring olives
Mexican Food