Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Terrors of Texting

To follow up on my mini diatribe about texting, I actually dated a serial texter. It’s the same guy here. But to add to his less attractive qualities he wouldn’t call me everything was done via text messages. Now I am ok with a quick, “be five minutes late” or “On my way”. But we would have full conversation via text. Now it’s my fault for allowing the texting to continue but at first I thought it wasn’t a permanent personality flaw. I was wrong. It would start out at innocent texting, a “hi” here and there. But I soon learned that he conducted all conversions (at least with me) via text. When I tried to call him because I was tired of texting, he would text me back that he wasn’t picking up, he liked texting. We aren’t talking like “How was your day” type of conversations. We are talking about highly personal, inflection is everything type of conversations. Mind you the only time I didn’t get text messages is when he knew that he was in trouble for being, oh say, three hours late. There were nine million reasons that he and I didn’t work out and this was one of the smaller issues. But it would infuriate me to no end that he couldn’t have a phone conversation like a normal human being. Maybe its because he wasn’t human, hmmm I’ll have to ponder that.

But I am trying to spread the word that texting is meant for quick informational messages, it’s not a way to have conversation with people.

An Update

Ok seeing as I can make a decent post to save my life lately I am going to follow in the footsteps of Kate and make a list.

- While having drinks with Tiff a few weeks ago we overheard a guy telling all his little guy friends, how he “tapped” some girl. What is she a keg?!?!? Oh, I know he was playing tag with her, how cute. Because I can’t imagine that he was talking about hooking up with her (heavy sarcasm), I mean come on. Men wonder why they get bashed by women, if you insist on talking CRUDELY about us, we will retaliate.
- Apparently I am irresistible, in case you didn’t already know . I have been holding out on you guys. There is someone special in my life however geographically he isn’t close, but will be very soon. And apparently while I am glowing from his attention it is causing other men to find this attribute appealing. I kid you not in the last few weeks men I have known for years and ones that I have brief acquaintances with are hinting at their interest in me. Umm Hello!!! Where were you guys six months ago, to late now buddies!
- I was reading this post on Sex On My Desk about text messaging and I fully believe that this should be typed up and given to every boy in Sex Ed Class, handed out at Parent Teacher night, whatever it takes. Texting is not an acceptable mode of communication beyond two or three texts. Read, I swear you will be nodding at every single on. And that of course triggered an idea for a new post later on.
- Last night we were all over at Michele’s house watching her get her trial run wedding make up done but our FAVORITE and HANDSOME make up artist. He is a god, I could learn so much from him. But seriously before heading over to Michele’s I kid you not, I primped like I was going out on a first date. I couldn’t possibly let our make-up artist know I was falling down on the job, the horror. I also couldn’t tell him that the make he has done on me , I have done for other. I felt like a stalker and thought he might have found it creepy.

Ok that’s it for now. Will post soon.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

More Photos

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I bet you are dying know

Def Lepard and Journey was AWESOME!!!!!! Christine and I packed up jackets, blankets and beer money and headed to Shoreline for a night of classic rock. And can I say it F**CKING ROCKED! The music was sensational and Christine sang to our heart content (am a little horse)and had the best possible time people watching. Here are some of the sights we saw:

Christine and I are ready to rock

Shoreline Amplitheater

Lead Singer of Journey

Isn't this an awesome belt

Some people thought it was a costume party too

Ok Blogger was being all cool for awhile but now it won't let me upload the rest of the photos.

The night started off innocent enough, I dropped a portion of my hotdog in my GIANT beer. It was like a 32 ouncers of Corona. A group of teeny boppers decided to take up residence next to us. WHY OH WHY, how did they end up at a Def Lepard concert?? They couldn't even drink, therefore I am sure they weren't even born near the Def Lepard era. Which was made apparent by the CONSTANT talking thru the entire concert. I thought about tossing my beer at them, but that is alcohol abuse.

I didn't have nearly enough to drink, but that didn't stop me from rocking out to "Pour Some Sugar On Me", which by the way I was completely sober when leaving a message for BFTiff, about how they were playing her song. I am sure I sounded drunk, it was due to the excitement, but sadly I wasn't.

This concert drew all sorts, from the hardcore rockers, teeny boppers, Jimmy Buffett coward, and even the young-ins. AWESOME concert( seriously, it was worth repeating).

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Friday, August 25, 2006

In My Prayers

I was going to make some lame joke this morning about the tragedy of the passing of my hair dryer. However when I walked in to work this morning that joke died on my lips. One of my co-workers took her own life last night. Just yesterday I sat down with her to work on a loan we had in process. Nothing she said or did indicated that she was suicidal. Yes, she was having a rough patch at the moment, however never in a million years would I think she would have taken her life.

At first I was sure it was another person by the same name. Odd now your mind does the little things to comfort you. But my fears were confirmed.

Please if there is anyone you know or yourself battling with depression, get help. I know this sounds like a commercial but coming from a family that suffers from manic depression, its no joke.

My thoughts and prays are with my co-worker and all of you.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


I can’t be anymore than who I am. I have flaws and am only human. I will at times be at the highest highs, jubilant about the most inconsequential things and then some days feel that a negative tone to your voice or a minuscule action is meant only for me. You can always expect me to be there for you no matter how small or big the problem is. But ask that you do the same for me. I ask more of myself everyday, more than you can ask of me and there are days when I can’t reach even the easiest of goals. But love me anyway. Because tomorrow is a new day with new goals, and I will strive to be better all over again. And when I am not at my best, don’t judge me as I won’t judge you. Our shortcomings are most apparent to ourselves, I am very aware of what they are and shockingly know what needs to be done. But I am the only one who can make those changes. I am fragile and strong, I weep and laugh out loud, angry and silly. It’s a wonderful whirlwind. More than from time to time I will make mistakes small and large, but I will learn from them and hope to grow from them. Everyone’s life is a learning process with good lessons and bad. And all each one of us asks is to be except for who they are and loved for the same reasons. Including Me.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Rocking Out

That is what I will be doing Saturday night as Christine and I go see DEF LEPARD/JOURNEY!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait!!!!!! Imagine the great blog fodder I will have. I promise to take pictures!!!!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Weekend Highlights

I have another post I am working on but am having writers block. So in the mean time I wanted to tell you the highlights of my weekend.

The group headed up to Donner to savor the last days of summer and partake in some boat action (thanks BFTiff and The Boy), here are the highlights:

- I drove up myself Friday night and a friend told me once that the way he kept himself occupied and awake while driving was to sing. I may have taken it to the next level, I was rocking out to my country music, not just mouthing along to the words, but singing like I was the leader singer, full volume, heart felt, and pure craziness. I am sure that everyone from my home town to Donner now knows about the crazy girl rocking out in the white truck.
- On that same drive it (at the very last minute) occurred to me that I didn’t have cash for the bridge. Having never approached a bridge without sufficient fare, I may have panicked a little and went in search of the nearest ATM. What I didn’t count on was being in the ghetto, searching for an ATM. I chose the scariest, darkest, and longest road to take off the freeway. Did I mention I was by myself? I managed to find a Walgreen’s and buy a red bull, and get cash. Then I found out that you can go across the bridge without money, they give you a little bill to send back with the bridge fare. Hmmmm ghetto ATM search or angry motorists on the bridge? What would you do?
- On Saturday a small group of us (there was 10 on the trip total) went over to Reno to go to BFTiff’s favorite place, the dueling piano bar. What better place to watch birthday people and Bachelorette’s get embarrassed and rock out to some of your favorite songs. They played Bon Jovi, I was in heaven. We had drinks that required flames, ice cube fights, and general mayhem. Then half of our group (mainly me) was exhausted and heard their beds calling, but not before a potty break. On the way back to the group, a very drunk boy stops me and asks if he can hug the most beautiful girl in the casino. Trying not to look around me for that beautiful girl, I give him a hug and send him on his stumbling way. But that’s not the funny part. The best part is his equally drunk friend decided that my friend Cate can’t be left out, so he runs over to her, telling her that she too needs a hugs, and step on her foot while trying to hug her. What a little pleasure and pain between drunken people….
- After a disastrous first attempt at wakeboarding a few years ago (that resulted in a full sinus cleansing), I thought that it was time to try wakeboarding again. It has come to my attention that I should not under any circumstances, drunk or otherwise, attach a board to my feet and attempt to ride it. This also goes for skiing and snowboarding. All I got from yesterday’s experience was more water in my sinuses and severely sore muscles that almost limited my ability to create cute hair this morning.

So there you have my weekend. Well spent with the ones that I love and all new memories. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Wedding Weekend

Hi Girls and Boy (yes only one guy reads this blog). I am here and alive. As you read in Tiff’s blog, one of the Fab 5 got married over the weekend. It was quite the wedding weekend. I was given the honor of doing the bride’s make-up. You know I was tickled pink. Me using make-up in anyone but myself, it’s like living a life long dream. And it was a mini challenge as well. I am a daily make-up wearer, I usually don’t go outside the house without at least the bare minimum (which still takes me at least 10 minutes). But the bride is our natural girl and wears make for only the most special occasions (duh, like her wedding), so I needed to find a happy medium in between my level of make and the natural look. Can I tell you it’s not as easy as it sounds. But we pulled it off and I think I did a damn fine job. Though I think the reason she looked so amazing was the fact that she was getting married, not my make-up skills. Task one completed……

Next on the list was getting myself ready and do Christine’s make up. I was a make up artist on Saturday (I loved every flipping second of it). Christine wore this amazing dress that I had make up to match (shocking I know). She has that wonderful Italian complexion that makes the fun colors (we used teal and lapis) pop. The look was perfect for the dress and she (as always) looked wonderful. As for me, I kept it low key, mostly lashes. The funniest part of the whole experience was that both Angie and Christine kept laughing at me when I was putting on their make up because I make faces while concentrating. It’s my “make-up” face =). Both ladies looked gorgeous. And I was extremely happy with the results. I also had no qualms mentioning to anyone who would listen that I did the make up. I need to find away to make this my life’s work.

I think I might love weddings, everyone looks great, it’s a happy occasion, and there is booze (how can you not love it). Though I am not a ceremony crier. A lot of people start crying at the ceremony, I manage to keep dry eyed. But I ALWAYS lose it at the Father/Daughter dance. Thank god for waterproof mascara. I can’t think of one wedding that I have been to that I didn’t cry at the Father/Daughter Dance. Also it might have been the amount of beer I had, it was the first available alcohol, I had no choice. It was also great to see faces that I hadn’t seen in awhile, like my friend Carrie. We live less than 5 miles away from each other and we can not pull it together.

Overall it was a beautiful wedding and reception. I managed not to embarrass myself (always a concern), smiled non-stop, cried a little, and felt tremendous joy for my friend.

*Blogger isn't letting me upload pictures (of coures), so look at my flcker to the right)*

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I am a Thief

1) My ex is ... an ex for a reason.

2) Maybe I should ... get my butt back to the gym, clean my house, and go back to school.

3) I love ... My girls, my family and my cat.

4) I don't understand ... why my family is no more, the sense of entitlement some people have, and why I take things so personally.

5) I lost ... one of my diamond earrings, definitely my mind, and ability to look cool while hanging out with my nephews.

6) People say that I'm ... creative, funny, and quirky.

7) People are ...a miracle and our demise.

8) Love is .... found in the strangest places.

9) Somewhere, someone is ... creating something for a better world.

10) I always ... hit snooze at least once, laugh at myself, day dream, add one more thing to my never ending to do list, and smile.

11) Forever is not everlasting. ( i.e the saying, nothing lasts forever)

12) I never want to ... settle for something I don't completely want.

13) I think the current President is ... a complete moron.

14) When I wake up in the morning I... scowl at my cat for meowing at me, wish I had a starbucks in my kitchen, and stumbled to the shower.

15) When life gives you lemons... make lemon bars ( tiff took the best answer)

16) My past ... shaped who I am and taught me important lessons.

17) I get annoyed with ... ignorant people, my lack of discipline with the gym, being frustrated.

18) I wish ... for true happiness for my friends, the ability to complete all my dreams, and a dog.

19) Dogs are..... funny, sociable, a family tradition.

20) Tomorrow I am ... working, going to the gym, and hopefully getting dreamless sleep.

21) I have low tolerance for ... sense of entitlement, stupidity, and chinese food.

22) If I had a million dollars I would ... Pay off my debt. Buy a new house, put myself thru school.

101 Things....

As you remember as of late I had been feeling frustrated. So on a whim I had bought these two books, 101 Things To Do Before You Are 30 and 101 Things To Do Before You Die. You know to give me ideas or what not to complete, or at the minimum make me laugh. I can safely say I have completed at least a third of the book. Only two thirds to complete in the next two years :). I thought I would share a few of the tasks. They are fun and mostly easy ( I say mostly because I am not about to jump out of a place).

- Google Yourself: Now this actually hard for me to do, I have a cousin ( locally famous) that has the same name as me. Or vice versa. She is older than I am, so I guess I have the same name as her. I am not even sure that you can find me on Google. I am on page 33 of the search, if that.

Grow Something- Or in my case give a plant the hint of life and then mercilessly kill it. But my question on this one is , is this really a milestone on the way to 30? It probably is a skill I should acquire, huh? It shows responsibility and the ability to care for something. Maybe I should get a cactus.

Live Thru a Blind Date: Do I get points for repeatedly trying something?? I have lived thru more blind dates that I care to remind you all off. But in case you forgot, look,here , here,and here.

Travel Solo- As you know this is something I recently completed. Though it wasn’t what I thought it would be like. I can say with all certainty I have traveled solo. And actually I want to do it again. It was a great experience and it further taught me to be self reliant.

I also admit that some of the items listed are kind of lame:

Own a Cashmere Sweater: It’s the “adult” sweater. By wearing it am I more adult? Because the last time I wore my cashmere sweater, it was with a ripped pair of jeans, I am sure I looked like a slob not an adult.

Claim Your Grannie Panties: You are to revel in the fact that you own and wear these monstrous unmentionables. They say you are truly liberated when we embrace our grannie panties. Can’t we embrace something a little cuter, like boy shorts or hipsters. I mean at least grannie panties can double as an emergency parachute. But they do nothing for my ass.

But the best accomplishment that I have completed in this book is :

Create your own Sisterhood: Just because I don’t have blood sisters doesn’t mean I can’t have sisters at all. It means I can chose the ones I hold nearest and dearest.

Love Ya Guys!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Then and Now

Damn- we are growing up, who said we could. This summer I will have seen three weddings and a baby shower. Everytime I think of it, it feels surreal. These are girls that I have known for a few years. And in my minds eye, when I think of them, they are the same age as the first time I met them. I catch myself for a second thinking, they can't get married or have a baby, they are to young. But really this is the time when it all starts happening. We have become grown up embarking on creating our own families and leading our lives. But I think back and I see my 15 year old self standing on a bike bridge with my friend Lexee ( who is having the baby) taking my first smoke or one of or countless sleep overs. Talking about boys we liked and the latest gossip. Now she is welcoming a baby girl in to her life. How weird!!!!

Also two of my close friends are getting married in the next couple of months. Angie who I have known now for at least 5 years. I remember the apartment that Angie and Tiff shared. Late nights eating mac and cheese ( with no milk, Tiff didn't like it,lol) and both of them (Tiff and Ang) trying to get me to watch football, me always falling asleep. My favorite memory, one boring weekend afternoon Angie and Tiff deciding that I needed to get my belly button pierced. I wasn't even asked, it was decided for me :). LOL

Michele I met in a single part of our lives. We were at the bars, going out on the town, tearing it up. I was even there the night she met her soon to be husband, but my main memories are weekends with Michele in Donner. Both of us with long hair, dressed to the nines. HA! Reno, the piano bar, haha.

I am so happy for all of them. But I will smille that little smile, remember the good old days.